The gift of giving could not have been more true on November the 21st at the Orange County Fairgrounds Narina Beauty teamed up with Power of One foundation. Where Power of one fed the body, and Narina Beauty fed the soul. Narina made it her mission to assemble a team of beauty experts, and made her way to Orange County. Narina said that people lost their jobs, and it felt like a piece of humanity took a step back in 2020. And that’s why Narina felt something had to be done about it, she could not just sit ideally waiting for something good to happen. Lets make some smiles today was a point she voiced throughout that entire day, and at the end of each makeup makeover, the Power of One foundation volunteers were visibly overjoyed, surprised and gifted with Narinas exclusive makeup kits. This was a good day for people, because a sign of connection was being made, people were helping one another, connecting once again in a time of distance and devastation.