Are you looking for the best gift for girlfriend, some cute gift ideas or Christmas gift for girlfriend than you are on the right place. This is a special case. We propose to focus on interesting, in our opinion, products and novelties that will take their rightful place in your girlfriend's cosmetic bag. Here are some ideas.


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 Gift shopping is hard. Whether you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend or you want to buy a gift for a woman co-worker, the act of picking out the perfect gift can be overwhelming. What do they want? What do they not already own? What color would they want it in? What is their favorite scent? So many questions, so little time to buy. 

To reduce your gift shopping stress, we've come up with a best gifts ideas for you . We recommend you to make sure your items are still available—and to ensure that they'll arrive on time, as shipping could be delayed.

So, the holiday is coming soon. It doesn't matter what, maybe a birthday, or maybe a year from the moment of the first meeting, but you need a gift for your girlfriend. Where to buy the perfect gift?

The first thought is flowers and decorations. It is universal and simple, but you cannot surprise a woman with flowers, and you will go broke on jewelry


So, you should give the girl an original (but inexpensive) gift, at the same time beautiful and so that she will be touched. She is a woman, to make them feel affection means to win 100% in choosing a gift.



  1. Coming Up with an Idea


Plan ahead. Don't wait until the last minute. By planning, you can decide on a romantic gesture or present that fits the occasion, and you'll have the time to execute it. It also gives you time to order online if you need to.


  1. Define your budget


If you have a small budget from 19$ - 60$, you can buy for her makeup or jewelry. This is the favorite girl's gift. Even though she is not a makeup fanatic and does not have a vast jewelry collection, some should be in her home collection.


         Makeup helps to feel like a girl's beloved, beautiful, adored, so it is essential to have at least lipstick, foundation, and eyelashes in her arsenal, which can duet with an eyeshadow palette. Within the framework of modern culture, make-up is an image of a girl, she can communicate various information to the world attitude towards herself, towards life , towards others. Cosmetics, along with clothing, testifies to the social status of the "bearer" and the level of her ambitions. In addition to fashion trends, makeup reflects her psychological state.


          1.Lipstick is the most popular beauty gift for girls. Every year each girl buys an average of 10 - 15 pcs buys different lipstick for herself. You are probably guessing which colors does my girlfriend would like?  Now the all colors are trending.



Sweey cocoa

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My favorite lips


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   You can also buy a set of 4 Lipstick in a stunning packaging. 

Metallic lip set



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Matte lip set


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           2.Foundation – you will probably ask why foundation should be in her home collection. Even though she is a very young pretty lady, she is always grateful for such a gift because the foundation helps hide pimples that appear in teenagers or young children. The foundation also helps hide small wrinkles or scars. But not just any foundation can hide most skin imperfections. The one product that can handle such a job is the full coverage foundation from the Pro Soft Full Coverage Foundation by Beauty by Narina. If you don't know which color to select for her skin tone, you can buy one lighter than her skin tone and another a little bit darker. Then, you can blend them together until you get the perfect match. Or follow our color chart instructions in the foundation list.




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     3.Eyeshadow Palette – eye makeup can be created in various styles and is able to correct the eye shape correctly. There are many types of makeup that are easy to do at home without going to a beauty salon. Here is the best eyeshadow palette where you can find 30 different colors for any look.

 Note: Eyeshadow Palette used in Movies and TV 2021. Try to be on a level with celebrities:) 




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     4.Eyelashes– what makes eyes expressive, any girl, teen, a woman dreamed about eyelashes. They like the different shapes of eyelashes, from natural to 3D. So you won't make the mistake of buying any eyelashes or a pair of eyelashes for your girlfriend. It's stunning packaging with the best quality eyelashes. Here you can buy any type of them.

 Eyelashes single


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    Also, you can buy a set of 4 eyelashes which is perfect for gift.

Pack of 4 eyelashes



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      5.Eyebrow Pencil – An eyebrow pencil is one of the main tools in every girl's makeup bag. With its help, you can emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows, correct r\them and give them the desired look, add brightness and change the color to fill in the space between the hairs. The perfect match is Pro Micro Brow Pencil by Beauty by Narina.


Eyebrow pencil


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  1. Eyeliner– Perfectly lined eyes will always be timeless and out of trend and all makeup fans agree with this. For decades eyeliner has been part of the highest discipline when it comes to successful and beautiful makeup. She emphasizes the eyes, gives them a seductive shape and the main glamor of any look. In addition, high-quality eyeliner has high durability. It quickly hardens and does not smudge during the day. Here is one of the popular eyeliners for a gift.




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       Jewelry is the second  must-have gift that any girls wishes Girls' jewelry is not just a silent detached décor that lives on its own separate life. Expressive jewelry adds personality to any outfit and can transform a simple t-shirt into a stunning fashion look. In addition, most of the jewelry is sold at surprisingly reasonable prices. The earrings, rings, and necklace are those magic "notes" that sound to those around them the music of their soul and daily show the beautiful world pictures of their inner Universe. Without jewelry, the outfit looks unfinished. 

Earrings – are jewelry that have a long history. This décor is centuries-old, and archaeological research suggests that such jewelry was worn even five millennia before the advent of our era! And there was a fascinating fact, the first to decorate themselves with earrings were men. But all in all, earrings are a natural art because they can significantly decorate a person when worn correctly. Sterling silver stud earrings



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Rings – In many cultures, rings have played a more significant role than just decoration. They signified status, power. Over the history of jewelry, an extraordinary number of the most diverse forms of rings have been created. And today, rings are among the most common jewelry.



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Necklace – a necklace is an irreplaceable decoration. It can give an image   of mystery, visually eliminate flaws, for 

example, make a too-long neck a little shorter and vice versa. Perfect necklace for girlfriend is heart shape necklace.




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Bracelets – are timeless fashion accessories that can be worn with anything from a designer evening dress to a pair of jeans with a white tee. They will make whatever you put on yourself more elegant.




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Author: Narina Akopova

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Date: 10.22.2021