Hello my dearest friends. It is another wonderful day in Los Angeles. Often on days such as this, I pinch myself, am I really here in the United States? After dreaming about coming to this beautiful country all my life, I am finally here. But not too long ago, I can remember the freezing days, and how my teeth clattered midst weaving in and out the heavily snowed streets, ugh, that was brutal. I get sappy about the little things, but I like to count them nevertheless. With a cup of Joe in hand, and my lovely husband sitting beside me, today could not be any more perfect. I always like to focus on a thought of the day, and today it's all about productive focus. There will be days that become difficult, and no matter how hard you push back, that day will remain stubborn, and it might seem impossible to overcome. These are the important days because the character is something that is shown in trying times. In cases such as this, I focus on the possible things, and with enough of the little victories, the impossible will become possible. Enjoy these moments, even the hard ones are lessons we can always learn from, optimize and automate.