Beauty Tip of the Day

How to Nourish Your Skin Naturally and Affordably

Often, I find myself scouring through the depths of web for tips and hints which may or may not be legit. And today I am very excited to share a special tip which is near and dear to me. Today’s topic is all about nourishing our skin on a regular basis at the best prices. What is this miracle method you might ask? Well, one thing is certain, treating your skin right can be very expensive.

And finally the Tip Of The Day - Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. What is the largest organ we have? Skin, its the first line of defense and it needs as much help as it can get. How does hydration help, first of all it helps against wrinkles and it can emulate a healthy glow, and it had me at wrinkles. But the best of all is it helps the critical organs work efficiently. But, if you’re not sold yet, here are additional reasons why you should be.

  1. Hydration helps nourish the skin naturally
  2. Regulates your body's temperature.
  3. Lubricates joints
  4. Aids digestion
  5. Nutrient absorption
  6. Detoxifies your body by removing waste products

I hope that this is a good reminder for you, because it has been for me.  We are all busy, and regularly I find myself neglecting hydration, but now the mere thought of what I’m missing out on now takes over and guides me to water.  Stay hydrated and most of all stay safe.

With all my love