Wow, this summer has been hot hot HOT! I think we are breaking records here in Los Angeles with the heat.  But I have to say, I am enjoying this weather as opposed to where I grew up, it was cold most of the time, and I dont do well in the cold. That said, I would love to share with you my top 3 things to do when its hot. Make sure to stay hydrated, I cannot stress that enough, its good for your body, skin, and most of all health.  Number 2, use sun screen lotion, it helps and has been a life saver for me. And number 3, take a scenic drive and turn up the AC.  My favorite drive is from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara, its beautiful all the way up there. Well my friends I hope you are having a wonderful summer and please please please stay safe.


Love you all!!

Narina Akopova